Local Favorite Plate Lunch – Mama Woo’s B-B-Q Korean Restaurant take-out



If you like Korean cuisine and don’t have much time to dine in, *Mama Woo’s* is a very good option.

Mama Woo’s has variety of dishes and side dish vegetables to satisfy your palate.

For most of plate lunch, you can choose 4 vegetables as your side dish.   There are more than 10 vegetables for you to choose from.   Mama Woo’s offers many side vegetable dishes that you cannot find in other restaurant.

Each order comes with lots of food.   This order is named *Mama Woo Special*.   It comes with 3 kinds of meat, 1 special prepared chicken wing, 1 mandoo and 4 vegetables of your choice.   It can easily feed 2 people.

This is Tonkatsu plate.

Are you drooling and getting hungry??

Mama Woo’s BBQ
2080 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826