My Favorite Hawaii ~Part 6, Aulani Disney Resort~


オペレーションチームです。今回は、“My Favorite Hawaii(お気に入りのハワイ)”というお題目でお届けしたいと思います。


A very favorite place for my family & I is at Aulani Disney Resort located in Koolina away from Honolulu & Waikiki.


I love going to the spa, getting a massage & a manicure. Disney characters can be painted on the nails upon request. There is Mickey, Minnie & Duffy the Disney Bear too.


There are multiple swimming pools on the property. There is a huge pool where during the afternoon Mickey has a pool party.  The Keiki infinity pool is fun for all ages & for parents who wish to be alone there is an adult pool in a very quiet area. While you are in the splashing around photographers are around to take your pictures in & outside of the pool & all around the resort throughout your entire stay. You may view the photos a few hours after it was taken in the gift shop located in the lobby.


At night photographers are on the beach to take multiple sunset shots of you & your whole family facing forward & back.


The color of the sky is so beautiful when the sun is going down at Aulani.


Guests can take pictures with Disney characters throughout the day. Just call from your room to find out the time & who will be out for that day. Pool bands or a room key must be presented to join in for this is only for resort guests.


For meals there is the delicious character breakfast & dinner buffet at the Makahiki with many variety of ethnic foods for everyone to enjoy. For casual eating the Ulu café serves sandwiches, pizza, doughnuts, plate lunch & spam musubi shaped like Mickey’s head! The food served at the pool is also scrumptious, especially the pizza & turkey wrap.