Hawaii Island Arekore#100

癒す ハワイ島

Aloha Everybody!

Today we talk about the beautiful but rarely seen Nepal Kalij pheasant.
Introduced to Hawaii in 1962 as part of the State game bird introduction program.
Brought to the Big Island at Puu Waa Waa Ranch next to Parker Ranch in Waimea.
Kalij pheasant Prasanna Mamidala.jpgKalij Pheasant Lingadhar Uttarakhand India 02.12.2014.jpg
They have adjusted to the conditions on the Big Island land have survived and spread out from the
Waimea to the Hawaii National Park and beyond. They do fly but they mostly walk.
They are now found in much of the upland areas of the Big Island.
They are shy of people and stay in the bush and shrubs so are not commonly seen.
Around where I live a family comes through our yard as part of their route looking for food.
They mainly eat plant seeds and insects as a family. Seen them eat bell peppers too.
Always a treat to see them.
Till next time! Ahui Hou!
Big Island Ben