Go by KOTO BUS! Virtual Bus Tour in Shikoku



Virtual Bus Tour in Shikoku

Please contact us if you need any further assistance.  Option@jalpakhwi.com

JALPAK International Hawaii, Inc. / Optional Tour Division.

Due to Japan is facing a fourth COVID wave right now,
We will be postpone the April 25th event. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tour Highlights / 見どころ

In collaboration with Kotohira Bus (Koto Bus for short), a bus company in Shikoku and Kagawa Prefecture, which is currently attracting attention for online bus tours in Japan, we will take a virtual bus to explore the highlights of all prefectures in Shikoku at once. The tour will be connected live from the site, and you will feel free to ask questions to the guide and enjoy the quiz while traveling. No passport required! Please enjoy your trip to Japan at home.

★☆★【DATE: April 24th at 19:00 HST】Special Price: $25.00 (Per Group) ★☆★

Tour Itinerary / 行程

【TOUR SCHEDULE】4/24/21 18:50 HST ※4/25/21 13:50 JST

18:50 (*13:50 JST)

Enter to Zoom

18:53 (*13:53 JST)

Honolulu Airport

19:00~19:10 (*14:00~14:10 JST)

Matsuyama Airport: Meet at Matsuyama Airport Greeting>Precaution>Matsuyama Airport Introduction(Video)>Self-Introduction

19:10~19:35 (*14:10~14:35 JST)

EHIME: Meet with the Guide>Dogo Onsen Main Building(broadcasting)>Explore “Hi-kara Dori” (broadcasting)

19:35~19:50 (*14:35~14:50 JST)

TOKUSHIMA: Ooboke・Koboke Drive through (Video)>Iyano Kazura Bridge(Video)>Introduce Biwa Falls and Riverbank(Video)

19:50~19:55 (*14:50~14:55 JST)

5 Minutes Break in a Service Area

19:55~20:20 (*14:55~15:20 JST)

KOCHI: Join with the Guide>Townscape in Sagawa-cho and Tsukasabotan tour(broadcasting)

20:20~20:25 (*15:20~15:25 JST)

Niko Deep(broadcasting)

20:25~20:55 (*15:25~15:55 JST)

KAGAWA: Meet with the Guide>Sohonzan Zentsuji Temple(broadcasting)>Sanuki udon at Miyagawa noodle factory (broadcasting)>Chichibugahama(broadcasting)

20:55~21:00 (*15:55~16:00 JST)

Takamatsu Airport: Final Greeting

21:00 (*16:00 JST)

Taking off from Japan / Honolulu Airport ※ Final Greeting